Would you like to make DAILY cryptocurrency profits?

Using this incredible software for just 6 minutes a day will give you regular profits. And, if you have a partner, you could double that income every day, taking just 12 minutes.

Here's how it works: (Try it FREE with $8 gifted to you for testing)


You open the software, and click on the blue button, on a phone, tablet, PC or laptop.


The software places a cryptocurrency buy trade on one of the hundreds of cryptocurrency exchanges.


You see which coin and which exchange it is


At the same time, it places a sell trade on another exchange and sells it at a higher price than it was bought for.


Simple arbitrage....and when the transaction is complete, you receive 2.5% profit.


You do this in total 5 times a day. You cannot do any more that day.


Arbitrage example only. You receive 2.5% profit on each trade placed, not $1000!

A point to note: At the top of the trading screen there is a 24-hour clock, with the time zone that the software is working in. So that is the clock you use to player trades on a daily basis, not the time in your time zone


1 Full demonstration

2 Registering for an account

3 Building to the next level

5 Making Deposits

7 Compounding

4 How to withdraw profits

6 Explanation re Flexible Funds